James Matthew


BRANDING - the Evolution of Annie

Client: Annie Sipaseuth
Occupation: Stylist/Colorist

James Colgan Union Square
166 Geary St, 1600
San Francisco, CA
(510) 375-2392
Instagram @hairby.annie

First Evolution

I first met Annie when we were both working at a quick service restaurant and going to school. I was studying Interior Design at some fancy smashy art school and she was going to the local beauty school to be a hair stylist. Her first appretice gig didn't last long as they were not a fit for each other. Moving on from there she decided that she needed to spruce up her resume so she reached out to me.

Originally I told her I didn't study Graphic Design because I went to school to get a degree in Interior Design. Now, eventho I went to school for Interior Design not Graphic Design, we still had the same basic foundations. Simply put, we still had to be aware of all aspect of deisgn. From Human Factors to Type. So I told her I was up for the challenge but lets meet for a consultaion to make sure we're on both on the same page.

Second Evolution

From the meeting I gather that she was pursuing a career in Hair but also had a passion for Make Up. Something simple but yet would make her stand out with a little bit of charecter. Since I wasn't formally trained in Graphic Design I started doing research online and did some field studies. Going to make up stores so I could study their branding hoping to get a better understanding of that industry.

My first proposal is what you see here. TBH it was really conservative and my side hobby (B&W Film Photography) was influencing my design. During that time I believe in "No color," as color was distracting from the more important content. And, of course, she didn't like. Who could blame her? She did like the layout but it needed more.

Second Half Evolution

With a layout in hand, I just had to figure out how to give it some charecter. Since we were already friends I browsed through her Instagram account to get a better feel of her style. Young, fun, bold, and yet well put together. Which was enough fuel to get the brain spinning.

Borrowing one of her Instagram photos I presented her this revision to her.

It had a bit more attidute than she was expecting but she also thought it was going to be great at grabbing people's attention. It was. Within a week she had a job offer for her first Assisting Job in San Francisco.

The Good

  • BOLD
  • Attention Getter
  • 7 out of 9 salons that she dropped of her resume at called her for an interview.

The Bad

  • Too much attitude
  • Mispercive perception (they were already expecting a certain type of person to show up at the interview)
  • She honestly did not like the picture on her resume

But it did the job and it did it well.

Third Evolution

After being at her first Assisting role for over a year, Annie thought it was time to move on to a higher end salon. So she contacted me for a new resume. Learning off the Pros & Cons from the previous resume, we knew she wanted something fresh!

Knowing where she wanted to be at helped me create a new layout for her updated resume. Asides form it being fresh, she also wanted something clean and airy like summer time breeeze. This was the result.

As simple and clean looking as it may look. There was a lot I had to understand to make this modern resume work. From creating a new grid layout, to understanding the relationship of White Space, all these challenges made me better as a designer as I now had justification and cause to why I did something.

Evolution NOW

With a successful resume, she was able to pursue her career in the Hair Industry. Fast forward to 2016, she is now a Jr. Stylist and almost Full Time on the floor. Which means a new stage in her life and another job for me but this time she wants to create a Brand Identitaty for herself. She needed a logo that represents her sense in style and how she wanted to be perceived.

  • The "A" is based on the first initial on her first name
  • The dimond is to represent that she works in the High End Industry
  • The two tone is to represent that she is a Stylist and a Colorist
  • Printed in Gold Foil, on 19pt, 90lb paper for her buisness cards
  • 60lb for her letter head
  • Text and borders done in Monochorme


For the website, she wanted a clean and minimal website. Designed to showcase her work.

View the website here